Capacitors and Filters

Samhita Technologies is supplier of products & solutions for improving power quality of low-voltage (LV), medium-voltage (MV) electrical networks, by eliminating disturbances and improving power factor in line with grid requirements.

Our offering

Low-voltage capacitors and filters.

  • Dry capacitors power module

    Dry capacitors power module

    Single , Three-phase Voltage range 220 to 1000 V ,Net output power up to 130 kvar
    Dry type Unique sequential protection system

  • Power factor controller

    Power factor controller

    Micro-processor system for balanced three-phase networks or single-phase networks
    voltage, current, power factor, THDV and THDI

  • cylindrical capacitors

    Cylindrical capacitors

    Three-phase Voltage range 220 to 690 V ,Net output power 2.5 to 30 kvar
    Dry type Safe sealing design

Good Power Quality leads to trouble free and efficient operation for buildings, mining steel industry, chemical, pulp and paper, cement, plastics, printing and food industries.

Power factor correction solutions.

  • Contactor-switched capacitor banks

    Contactor-switched capacitor banks

    • Voltage range 400V at 50 Hz
    • Powerful, compact & Modular design
    • Solving utility penalty charges due to low cos φ
    • Increasing service life time of infrastructure
    • Detuning reactors integration with panel
    • Improving energy efficiency

  • Thyristor-switched capacitor banks

    Thyristor-switched capacitor banks

    • Network voltage 380-690V
    • Rated power 150 kvar to 12.8 Mvar
    • 7% Detuning reactor for 3-phase system
    • Ultra-rapid power factor compensation
    • Transient-free switching
    • Usable in the harshest environments

  • Power Quality Filters

    Active Power Quality Filters

    • Network voltage 3-wire/4-wire, 208-690V
    • Current rating up to 120A
    • Harmonic range form 2nd to 50th order
    • Stepless reactive power compensation
    • Inductive and capacitive loads
    • Load balancing in both 3- and 4-wire systems

Medium-voltage capacitors and filters.

  • HV Capacitor Unit

    Capacitor units

    • Power Rating up to 1200KVAR, 20KV
    • Folded foil electrodes reduce partial discharge
    • All film type with low dielectric losses and long life
    • Excellent track record on reliability

  • Harmonic filters

    Harmonic filters

    • Power rating >3 Mvar, up to 35 kV
    • Improved voltage stability and lower losses
    • Lowering of resonance problems
    • Filtering of harmonics to acceptable levels

  • shunt capacitor banks

    Open rack shunt capacitor banks

    • Power rating 0.1 – 600 Mvar, up to 35 kV
    • Optimized solutions as per site requirements
    • Reactive power compensation applications
    • All types of fuse technologies