Electrical Control Panels

Samhita Technologies is the leading manufacture of Electrical Control Panels in India, which are used for diverse industrial applications.

Our offering

    • AC Variable Frequency Drive Panel
    • DC Drive Panel
    • Soft Starter Panel
    • PLC, DCS, Remote I/O Panels
    • PCC – Power control center
    • MCC – Motor Control Center
    • DG Syncronising Panel
    • Automatic Power Factor Control Panels & Active harmonic filters
    • Control Desk
    • ACDB & DCDB
    • Bus Duct & Bus Trunking
    • Automatic Mains Failure Panel
    • MLDB – Main Lighting Distribution board
    Electrical Control Panels (DC Drives with PLC)

    AC Drive Panel
    HT_Thyristor Switched Capacitor Panel
    HT Thyristor Switched Capacitor Panel
    HTThyristor Switched Capacitor Panel