Instrumentation Products

Samhita Technologies is offering digitally enabled measurement and analytics products and solutions; with easy selection and ownership.

Our offering

  • Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitter

    Liquid, Gas, Steam Flow, Level, Pressure and Density.

  • Differential P.T with remote seal

    Differential P.T with remote seal

    Liquid, Gas, Steam Flow, Level, Pressure and Density.


    I/P Converter

    Signal conversion current (0/4 – 20 mA) to pressure (0.2-1 bar or 3-15 psi)

  • Flowmeters


    Power, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining, Chemical Industry.

  • TTH200


    Provided for all HART standard applications.

  • Temperature transmitter

    Temperature Transmitter

    Proven two-wire technology TTF300 HART, PROFIBUS PA.

  • Gas Analyzer

    Gas Analyzer

    Rapid oxygen reading to optimize combustion & emissions monitoring.

  • Conductivity Analyzers

    Conductivity Analyzers

    Continuous monitoring & control of low level conductivity.

  • Universal PID

    Universal PID

    Intuitive operator interface, powerful control functions

  • Flame Scanner

    Flame Scanner

    Temperature, Flicker Frequency, DCIntensity, AC amplitude

  • Analyser


    Electrochemical oxygen sensor & Thermal conductivity analyzer