Low Voltage Products

Samhita Technologies is offering a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices.

Our offering

Softstarters for smart and reliable control of full speed applications that will increase both productivity and installation efficiency.

  • PSE softstarter

    PSTX Softstarter

    Rated operational current: 30…1250 A (inside delta: 2160 A) and Operational voltage: 208-690 V AC

  • PSR softstarter

    PSR softstarter

    Rated operational current: 3 to 105 A and Operational voltage: 208–600 V AC

  • PSTX Softstarter

    PSE softstarter

    Rated operational current: 18 to 370 A and Operational voltage: 208–600 V AC

Low Voltage Switchgear for Electrical Installation, Distribution, Automation, Control and Protection.

  • Switch-disconnectors


    Easy to install, reliable in extreme conditions 16 to 4000 Amperes

  • ACB & MCCB

    ACB & MCCB

    High breaking capacity in compact dimensions up to 3200 A.

  • Circuit breakers

    Circuit breakers

    High performances are always guaranteed 160 to 6300A.

  • Manual motor starters

    Manual motor starters

    Adjustable current setting for overload protection and magnetic trip indication

  • DC Disconnectors

    DC Disconnectors

    1500 V DC voltages, multi-circuit switching 16 to 1600 A

  • Switch fuses unit

    Switch fuses unit

    World-class performance in demanding applications 20 to 1250 A.

  • MCB


    Uncompromising safety, designed to ensure efficiency and protection

  • Contactors O L Relays

    Contactors, O/L Relays

    Built-in surge suppression, reliable connections up to 2850 A

  • Auxiliary relays

    Auxiliary relays

    Efficient and flexible for equipment design.

  • Capacitor duty Contactors

    Capacitor duty Contactors

    Withstand unlimited peak current, designed with damping resistor.

  • Protection & safety devices

    Protection & safety devices

    Quick, flexible installation, safety during maintenance.

  • Electronic relays

    Electronic relays

    Selection, conversion and installation made easy

  • Surge protective devices

    Surge protective devices

    Discharges the surge coming from lightning events

  • Modular DIN Rail products

    Modular DIN-Rail products

    protection as well as smart and efficient solutions.

  • Fuse links

    Fuse links

    full range of DIN-type HRC-fuse links from 2 to 1600 A

  • Industrial plugs & sockets

    Industrial plugs & sockets

    Reliable, durable and safe for demanding applications.

  • Motor protection relay

    Motor protection relay

    Protection and control of MV and LV asynchronous motors

  • Safety products

    Safety products

    Premium, intelligent machine safety products.

  • Early streamer emission

    Early streamer emission

    lightning protection for open-air sites and buildings.