Microgrid System

Samhita Technologies is offering 3Phase 4 Wire 415V AC Microgrid System for Distributed Energy Resources to provide reliable power in the most efficient way, seamlessly can operate with multiple sources simultaneously

  • Single solution supporting

    • Roof Top solar Photovoltaic Power Plant
    • Energy storage Battery Bank
    • Diesel or Biomass Generator
    • Electrical Grid

    MGS100 brings together all of the components required for a sustainable microgrid in a single device.

    The integrated system can provide electricity for Hospitals Life Support system ,remote villages which are not connected to the main grid, or reliable back-up power for small commercial and industrial facilities using an inconsistent grid supply.

    This “Plug & Play” solution is true 3 phase 4 wire solution (No paralleling of 3 x 1 Phase inverters) Modular solution can be easily scalable, it delivers high quality interrupted controlled power to the loads

    Irrespective of Input voltage and frequency variations output Voltage & frequency is stable and operates with 100% phase to phase imbalance continuously

Microgrid System
  • 40KW Microgrid at J. Watumull Global Hospital and Research Centre

  • REC Twin Peak Photovoltaic panel string as input source for Microgrid System

  • ABB PVS50-TL used for Grid Interface and Net Metering for Microgrid System

  • Human Machine Interface for Solar,DG, Gird, Batteries & Connected Load

  • MGS100 brings together all of the components required for a sustainable microgrid.

  • Inaugurated by Rajyogi BK Nirwair Managing Trustee (Global Hospital Mt. Abu)