Zero Injection & Power Plant Controller

Samhita Technologies is offering control system for solar inverter regulation to ensure output power is regulated and there is zero injection into the electric grid.

  • The new generation of string inverters is even more smart and innovative with built-in distributed logic control algorithm which allows meeting export limits without the need of installing any additional system or device.


    • Both low and medium voltage connection with the grid allowed
    • IP based solution
    • PVS string inverters supported (15 units per plant)
    • Just a standard Modbus meter (either RS-485 or Ethernet) needed
    • System setting through ABB Ability™ Installer for solar inverter mobile app
    • Fully integrated with Aurora Vision® cloud

Samhita Technologies is offering control system which act as main governor to manage active and reactive power as per grid requirements

  • Large scale photovoltaic power plants connected to 20KV or above grid voltage requires power plant controller for :-

    Active Power Control Kw

    Reactive Power Control kVAr

    Voltage Control V

    Frequency Control F

    Power Factor Control PF

    PPC fast and reliable algorithm sends set point to solar inverters, the close loop system work as per grid requirements.Feeder Control at plant or at substation can be paired as per distribution company, grid code requirement.