Samhita Technologies is offering DC drives & Excitation Systems. Our DC Drives modules(2 Quadrant & 4 Quadrant )to cater wide range of industrial application from wire-drawing machinery, hoists, elevators, paper-web handing, extruding applications, spindle drives, material handling, high power milling application & high power regenerative applications and Excitation Systems for power plants.

Our offering

  • DCS800 Industrial drive is reliable industrial product for tough industrial applications. (Sugar plant milling tandem, Rolling mill stands, Cement plant kiln, Rubber banbury mixer) . in built automation builder gives flexibility to customize drive control for all industrial applications.

    • Single drives, 20 A to 5,200 A, 400 to 1200 V
    • Built-in three phase field exciter and IEC 61131 programmable Control Electronics.
    • Built-in Modbus with a whole range of optional communication options.
    • Built-in control for shared motion, double motor operation, field reversal and classic 12-pulse installations.
    • Perfect for high power DC motor applications, such as steel roughing mill, cement kiln, banbury mixer, aerial ropeways and Mine Winders.
    • Perfect for non-motor applications, such as battery Chargers,automation and integration of ward leonard system,low voltage high current applications.

  • DCS880 Industrial drive built on the all-compatible drive platform that ensures all ABB variable speed drives (VSDs) share common features and tools, and can be operated in the same way. The drive integrates certified Safe Torque Off (STO) safety functionality as standard and is also enabled for compatibility with the Industrial Internet of Things.

    • Single drives, 20 A to 5,200 A, up to 1600 VDC
    • Wide range of options to serve any DC motor application.
    • Safe torque off (STO) built in as standard.
    • Supports all major fieldbuses.
    • DCS880 are also a great solution to non-motor applications like magnets, battery charging, electrolysis and wastewater treatment.
    • Adaptive programming is ideal for creating simple
      control programs for various applications.
    • Remote monitoring & Drive-to-drive link (D2D).
    • Internal field current rectifier up to 25 Amps.

  • DCS550 product range is from 20 to 1000A, 400 to 525 V. Designed for machine builders with flexibility and features such as, a wide selection of communication options, PID controls, and adaptive programming. With integrated three phase filed exciter (up to 35 A) no additional hardware is need to integrate new or old(retrofitting) machine.

    • 20 to 1000A, 400 to 525 V
    • Compact size with integrated field exciter.
    • Built-in winding program.
    • Extensive fieldbus communication options.
    • Built-in PID controller.
    • Adaptive programming.
    • Startup assistants, easy commissioning.
    • Large control panel, Rugged design and Worldwide service and support.

  • DCT880 is designed for precise heat control Applications like annealing, drying, melting or heating glass, plastics or metals. Automating that heating control helps ensure precise temperatures are met and that the energy used for heating is used efficiently.Load optimization can balance loads of multiple devices in parallel operation to reduce peak loading.

    • 16 A to 4,200 A, 110 to 690 V
    • Resistive, inductive or infrared heating.
    • IEC 61131-3 application programming.
    • Phase control ,Full-wave burst control and Half-wave control.
    • I-, U-, P- and I2 control.
    • Built-in temperature controller and load optimizer.
    • Extensive I/O and communication options.
    • High contrast, high resolution user control panel.

Legacy DC Drives

  • DCS400 DC Drives

    DCS400 DC Drives

  • DCS500 DC Drives

    DCS500 DC Drives

  • DCS600 (AMC-DC)

    DCS600 (AMC-DC)



UNITROL® Excitation Systems offers reliability, stability in power plant operation.

  • UNITROL® 1000 Series

    • UNITROL® 1005 up to 5A
    • UNITROL® 1010 up to 10A
    • UNITROL® 1020 up to 20A

  • UNITROL® 6000

    • UNITROL® 6000 Light standardized rating up to 2000A
    • UNITROL® 6000 Medium fully customizable rating up to 2000A
    • UNITROL® 6000 X-power high-end, fully customizable 2000A to 1200A

  • UNITROL® Power System Stabilizer

    • Improve the damping of electro-mechanical oscillations
    • Added with existing voltage regulators
    • suitable for both ABB’s and third-party AVR