Standalone Solar Plants

Samhita Technologies is offering off grid solar power plant with battery backup for standalone application or community level requirements

Power for all !!

Remote off-grid communities usually generate electrical power with diesel. This power is expensive and energy inefficient.

In addition, diesel exhaust fumes are bad for the environment and human health. The same applies to power generation in military camps or hospitals with mission critical load, especially during crises when grid power is vulnerable or unreliable.

To solve these problems, we offer cost effective off grid solar plant suited to remote communities,islanded communities, mining communities, military bases, campuses,godowns, Dairy Farms, open cast mining and hospitals.

We offer our customized solution for Standalone battery backed Solar Power Plant as energy options for our customers.

  • Key Components of Off Grid Solar Power Plant, Capacity ranges from 1KWp to 10KWp

    • Solar panels to produce bulk of electricity
    • Module Mounting Structure for PV Panels
    • Charge controllers to determine energy flows
    • Battery bank to ensure operation outside sunshine hours
    • Inverter to convert DC power into usable AC power
    • Electrical DC Cables & AC Power Cables
    • AC Power Distribution Circuit
    • Backup power from either grid connection or a diesel generator
    • Central electrical hub can be used for office and/or storage space

    2.5 Kwp Off Grid Battery backed Solar Plant at Kantharia China Clay Mines (M/s J K White Cement Works)

Charge Controller for Off Grid Solar Plant
Energy Storage Battery Bank, Inverter or UPS for DC to AC Conversion